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danielx9 asked: I have heard that there was somone who was refered to as "the only person to win Call of the Cathoollhu" I think ther charecter's name was Old man Henderson/Hendrikson or something like that. What can you tell me about this?


I’ve always wanted to play Call of Cthulhu, but haven’t had the opportunity, so this is the first I’m hearing of Old Man Henderson. Apparently he’s a ridiculous character some player invented to mess with his lousy GM. Much like Eric and the Dread Gazebo and Tucker’s Kobolds before him, the tale of Old Man Henderson has passed into tabletop gaming legend.

I’ve never heard of this character. Although, I tend to blank out when people talk about characters, which, funnily enough, I’m about to do…

The last time I played a Cthulu-type game it was run with Savage Worlds rules. My dude was an old man, retired cop, cranky as fuck who was half blind, hard of hearing, but very lucky (extra benny in game terms). That was a fun game.

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Bryn Celli Dhu (The Mound in the dark grove), Anglesey.
Bryn Celli Dhu began as a henge - a bank and ditch enclosed a cricle of 14 stones. Shortly afterwards the site was deliberately overbuilt by a large burial mound. (Photosnappery by me).

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Ritual Axe

  • Dated: late 19th century
  • Culture: Tibetan
  • Medium: iron, gold, silver, black lacquer
  • Measurements: overall lenght 64.1 cm

The crescent-shaped axe head is decorated with bats amidst cloud scrolls framed by a geometric border and issuing from the jaws of a makara dragon. The shaft is decorated in silver, gilt and black lacquer with the bajixiang (the eight Buddhist emblems) reserved on a sectional wan ground between the faceted base and bats alternating with shou character roundels.

Source: Copyright 2014 © Bonhams

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Responding to Criticism: Anna Kreider talks with Ron Edwards about Circle of Hands and in-setting rape


Note: I’ve never had to deal directly with the issue of sexual violence. Interpret my opinions in light of that fact.

I want to point to this conversation between Anna Kreider, designer of Thou Art But A Warrior (the magnificent Polaris supplement) and Ron Edwards, designer of Sorcerer

Good God, this sounds awful. Here’s an idea; how about a game that doesn’t have rape as one of its features?